5 Superb Style Hacks For Ladies

When you are going to wear your old gown for official party or upcoming holiday parties, it emits some vintage smell. And this comes up as a big problem for your selected dress. Sometimes, your red wine stained shirt becomes useless since no dry wash or casual detergents can remove it. That is why, we have some of the best suggestions rather hacks for your day-to-day style. No more you will have to compromise with the same cloth or leave the stained clothes in the wardrobe.

The following 5 style hacks will help you get ready for any occasion faster

1. Think of your hairstyle: Same ponytail, puffs or plaits are not always rocking enough with all sorts of your dresses. So why don’t you go for the hair extensions? They are beautiful enough and look more attractive, if chosen perfectly.

You must make a perfect choice while having the best hair accessories shopping. In some hours and with the proper hair experts’ advice, you can get a new look. Curls, straight, bouncy or crinkle hair – whatever you may love, they will put it with correct tricks.

2. Remove the red wine stains: If your favorite formal shirt has the red wine stains and as a result you are keeping it inside the wardrobe, your problem will be solved soon. Do you have some white wine at home? If not, purchase it and put some amount of it on the red wine stains. Soon the red wine stains will be over. Try it once and let us know whether we helped you or not.

3. Bring back the life of leather bags: Leather bags often get a damp outlook if they are kept aside for long. This is the sole reason why they look bad to carry to a big occasion. The easiest solution is here for you. Take a cup of vinegar, a cloth and clean the leather surface with vinegar soaked cloth. Your old leather bag will be completely new to look at. No need to go for the new ones, you can show off your class with it now.

4. Make the shoes look oil free: Bread cram is a common ingredient in the household. This will create the actual magic. Rub some amount of bread cram on your shoes and it will help them look glossy but oil free.

5. Enjoy the long stay lipsticks: When you are having the long staying lipsticks for the entire day, it often fails to cover the flaws through the whole day. Take up a tissue paper after application and see the magic.