Coachella- What Is It Bringing Back?

Known to be one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Coachella seemed to have become extremely popular over the years. Despite the music and socializing another highlight of the festival is the fashion. Both women and even men seem to be enthusiastic about dressing up to attend the festival. One of the most popular style and behavior at this festival is bohemianism. If you are one of the lucky ones who are going for the festival next year or is simply just day dreaming about it, here are some ways to pull of your great outfit at Coachella.


Floral, Aztec and any other designed blouses, overalls and coats and even shorts will fit into this category. Bohemianism represents freedom and unconventional thoughts. It is a way to express yourself. You should not stick to a particular style or copy someone else as this goes completely against the theme. Bohemian outfits are all about colors, designs and expression. Most of these clothes can be designed by yourself or could be pulled off by putting a few clothes you already have together. If not, you can purchase boho clothing online as well. 


Jewelry and other accessories helps you make a statement. For women, various jewelry such as head bands and bracelets and other accessories such as status anxiety wallets are some of the most famous types of accessories. However, there are other jewelry items such as huge chunky necklaces, foot bracelets, flower crowns, body paint, multiple number of rings are commonly used as well. Shoes are one of the most important parts to pull off any outfit. Boho foot ware comes in different shapes and sizes. From ankle boots to ankle sandals or flat pointed leather sandals with a colorful design on it or ankle boots with designs on its back are amazing selections for women. From embroider multi colored sandals or fringed heeled ankle shoes; bohemian styles are such that you can literally pull anything off if you put some thought into it. You might think that the sneakers you wear every day are not good enough, but think about all the potential designs you could do to the shoe using a little bit of your creativity!

Way of life

One thing you need to remember is that bohemianism should come from within. It should be a way of life and a way you express yourself. Just because you are attending a festival it doesn’t make you are true bohemian. It might even offend the true bohemians. Your love for art, culture, adventure and other unconventional likings I what makes you a true boho.

In conclusion, if boho styles excites you, you are very much on your way to be a true bohemian. Start working on it now so that by the time Coachella comes next year, you will be good to go!

5 Superb Style Hacks For Ladies

When you are going to wear your old gown for official party or upcoming holiday parties, it emits some vintage smell. And this comes up as a big problem for your selected dress. Sometimes, your red wine stained shirt becomes useless since no dry wash or casual detergents can remove it. That is why, we have some of the best suggestions rather hacks for your day-to-day style. No more you will have to compromise with the same cloth or leave the stained clothes in the wardrobe.

The following 5 style hacks will help you get ready for any occasion faster

1. Think of your hairstyle: Same ponytail, puffs or plaits are not always rocking enough with all sorts of your dresses. So why don’t you go for the hair extensions? They are beautiful enough and look more attractive, if chosen perfectly.

You must make a perfect choice while having the best hair accessories shopping. In some hours and with the proper hair experts’ advice, you can get a new look. Curls, straight, bouncy or crinkle hair – whatever you may love, they will put it with correct tricks.

2. Remove the red wine stains: If your favorite formal shirt has the red wine stains and as a result you are keeping it inside the wardrobe, your problem will be solved soon. Do you have some white wine at home? If not, purchase it and put some amount of it on the red wine stains. Soon the red wine stains will be over. Try it once and let us know whether we helped you or not.

3. Bring back the life of leather bags: Leather bags often get a damp outlook if they are kept aside for long. This is the sole reason why they look bad to carry to a big occasion. The easiest solution is here for you. Take a cup of vinegar, a cloth and clean the leather surface with vinegar soaked cloth. Your old leather bag will be completely new to look at. No need to go for the new ones, you can show off your class with it now.

4. Make the shoes look oil free: Bread cram is a common ingredient in the household. This will create the actual magic. Rub some amount of bread cram on your shoes and it will help them look glossy but oil free.

5. Enjoy the long stay lipsticks: When you are having the long staying lipsticks for the entire day, it often fails to cover the flaws through the whole day. Take up a tissue paper after application and see the magic.

Surf’s Up!

Summer is here so head to the beach and check out boogie board hire. The surf is up and the sun is out. Sports swimwear are on and the beach is ready for some summer fun.

Surfing is the art of skimming a board across the surface of the water and riding the wave into shore. The surfer may lay, kneel or stand n the board and the aim is to ride the wave for as long a time as possible and in the most stylish way. Surfing can be done with or without a board and body surfing or boogie boards are a popular alternative for the beginner. 

Surfing was first observed by Europeans in Tahiti in 1767. Captain Cook also observed surfing in Hawaii on his travels. Polynesian and many other ancient cultures used surfing to both hunt and provide enjoyment.

In recent years, surfing has become so popular that artificial reefs have been constructed in many seaside towns to attract more visitors. However, the effect on the surrounding wildlife and coastline has yet to be observed.

Whatever the reason there is to visit, beaches remain one of the most popular tourist destinations. Whether surfing, making sandcastles or just enjoying a game of beach cricket there is no doubt that beaches have been drawing a crowd for thousands of years. Today sun safety has many families worried and avoiding the harmful exposure of the sun and the open space of the beach.

Statistics prove that children are more ‘at risk’ from sun related injury involved in everyday activities than on the beach. Even on cloudy days the sun’s rays can reflect off of the water surface and penetrated through the clouds. Overcast weather lulls parents into the false sense of security but the sun can be equally strong on these days. The ‘invisible sun’ is still there and coverage is required.

Even older kids need to escape the sun. For all-day beach outings bring along a large umbrella or maybe a tent to play in. If it’s not too hot outside and won’t make kids even more uncomfortable, have them wear light weight rashies and sun screen. Before heading to the beach or park, call ahead to find out if certain areas offer rentals of umbrellas, tents, and other sun-protective gear.

Sun screen remains the one essential item to bring for a day at the beach. It should be applied under the following conditions:

• Apply sun screen throughout the day, whatever the weather

• Apply sun screen at least fifteen minutes before leaving the house then every thirty to sixty minutes throughout the day

• Apply generously

• Cover all areas, including lips, ears, feet, neck and shoulders

• Reapply after swimming

• Use a high factor cream

Ensure that protective eyewear is worn to prevent later eye damage.

Lastly head to the beach with your board and enjoy!